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Related article: Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 23:21:07 EDT From: Subject: Clubhouse Towel Boy Part 6Clubhouse Towel Boy (My First Summer Job) by L. RayPart 6All of the usual disclaimers apply: This story contains graphic descriptions toplist illegal incest of sex between teen aged boys and other teen aged boys, as well as between teenaged boys and adult men. If this type of material is illegal in your area, city, state, province, country, etc. then don't read it. If this type of material is offensive to you, then you shouldn't be here in the first place so leave now! If you read this story, please feel free to let me know how you liked it at All email is read, sincere emails will be answered, while flamers will happily incest tgp toplist be filed to drawer13. Preface; russian sex toplist When I was a kid, my Mother and Grandmother encouraged me to keep nudist clips toplist a journal of the things that I did from day to day. I look back on those journals from time to time, and some of the things I did when I was younger amaze even me. But with some of it, I have toplist early girls to wonder how I ever kept from getting caught and having my ass beat with my video teen toplist Dad's belt. I am glad that I kept those journals, but I am even more glad that no one ever found them and read them! Back in the early 60s kids, boys especially, could get jobs at a much earlier age than they do now. What ever child labor laws there were, were seldom, if ever enforced. Some of the things that might happen to a young boy in the workplace back then were definately against the law, but if the boy enjoyed what he was doing, as I did, then who really got hurt? Remember Guys, this was a long time ago, and things have changed a lot since then. Please play safe! Always wear a condom! Part 6 I had spent most of Tuesday doing odd jobs around the house, that my Mom had asked me to do, until she left for work. My friend Alan and his family left that morning for Tennessee, and wouldn't be back home until the weekend, the Twins were gone somewhere in Ohio to play a knothole baseball game, and Bobby and his friend Rich were grounded because of what had happened the day before on the river bank, so I decided to stay home, and take care of my little brother after my Mom left for work. We played some games, watched some cartoons on the TV and once he got sleepy and dozed off on the couch, I got up to go fix some dinner. I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, and by the time it was all done, my dad had gotten home from work. Later, the three of us watched the Lawrence Welk show on TV and by the time it went off, it was time to put my brother to bed. I decided to go to bed myself, since I had to work the next morning.Wednesday and Thursday at the club were really slow days, and I found myself really looking forward to the weekend. In those two days, I had only given two blowjobs, and got fucked once, so I was really disappointed. Friday morning wasn't much better than Wednesday and Thursday, but things began to get a little better after noon. By the time I had finished for the day, I had sucked at least five cocks, but none of them were anything to brag about. I had gotten fucked four times, and fucked two other men. I was hoping that my friend from the previous week would be back, but he was no where to be found. As I was making my last round for the day, I had made my way back out to the pool. Ron was nowhere to be found, and I didn't see Phillip anywhere either, so I asked one of the other lifeguards if either was around."Ron hasn't been here since early this morning, he had a doctors appointment or something like that, but Phil should be here somewhere. Try the office around at the end of the snack bar."I walked back to the side of the pool and went to the office. As I started to knock on the door it pushed open an inch or two so I simply pushed it the rest of the way open. Phillip was laying on the couch, his swimming trunks on the floor beside it, and sound asleep. toplist voyeur angel I gently closed the door and locked it, then silently slipped over to the edge of the baby sexy toplist couch. Kneeling, I took Phillip's cock into my hand, and examined it closely. Still trying not to wake him up, I lifted myself teenage toplist 13 up and leaned forward, easing his semi-erect cock into my mouth and began to tenderly suck it. As it stirred to life, I felt a hand tugging my shorts down toward my knees. Taking my mouth off the cock just long enough to look at Phillips smiling face, I returned to my sucking. free movie toplist Once Phillip had my shorts and jock down to my knees, he bent his body forward and engulfed my young cock all the way to the balls.I heard a loud knock at the door and a voice saying, "Phil, it's time to shut the pool down, get up off your lazy ass and come help me get things ready for the swimming team! They'll be here in fifteen minutes, and you know how coach Clark gets when things aren't ready for them!"I jumped, pulling my shorts and jock up quickly, trapping my toplist children naked hard cock in a rather uncomfortable position, as Phillip jumped from the couch, grabbing for his Speedo and shoving his legs into it, then pulled it up somewhat unceremoniously."What have you got planned nonude toplist 100 for tonight Red?""Nothing really, I was just going to head to the Chili Parlor for a sexy mini skirts toplist bite and then home. Why?""I just thought you might want to sexy mini skirts toplist hang around for a while. In a little bit there are going to be twenty naked boys here to use the pool to practice for tomorrow's meet at Summit High School, and I know you would enjoy watching. kds tgp toplist Who knows, you might even get to score with some of them, but just remember, they don't tip, and besides, if we can't score with any of them, there's always Alex, the other lifeguard. He loves toples toplist forbidden to get fucked!""I guess I should go get some webcam toplist more towels then, because I only stocked enough to get you open in topliste nudisten the morning!" "Cool, I'll see you back here in, say, twenty minutes then?""I'll be here faster than that if I can!" I said as I headed for the soiled cart and then the laundry.When I got back to the pool, Coach Clark was talking to the boys on the team, who were all still dressed in their field suits. There were boys of various ages, from 12 to 17, teen nudist toplist 15 ranging in all different heights and hair colors. A few of them were wearing sunglasses, you know, the ones with the big thick black frames that always looked too big for your face. As I stacked the towels on the shelves, I kept glancing at them because I didn't want to miss them stripping out of those field suits. When I finished I walked over and sat down at one of the tables. Phillip and Alex came over and sat next to me."Red, this is Alex, he's one of our lifeguards."I reached out and shook his hand."Yeah, we met earlier, he told me that you were probably in the office.""Have you picked out any that you'd like to fuck yet?"I looked at him, a naturist camp toplist little puzzled, when Alex spoke up, "I think I want little Terry, he's just a little guy, but he really likes a cock up his ass!""Well, I think we should let Red pick first. After all, he's never been at one of our little pool fucks before."Alex nodded, and both boys were looking at me as if they were waiting for orders to march into battle."What do you mean, pool fucks?""Well Red, it's like this, the team practices for an hour, then we take them into the office for weigh ins, and then Coach Clark takes his two boys and leaves. Some of the others dress and leave then too, but a few of them hang around to swim. We join them in toplist angles the pool and swim over to the ones that we've picked out and take them to the shallow end and fuck them. A few of the older guys on the team stick around to play too!""And you guys are giving me my pick? I can pick out any one of them that I want too? But how do I know if the one I pick will be staying over?""Yes, fourteen girl toplist you can have your pick, and if we teen teen toplist don't think the one you pick is planning to stay, we'll just make a recommendation to Coach that we think he needs to stay for some one on one training. Then the Coach tells that boy to stay behind for an extra workout.""That's cool! Let me see, here."At that moment toplist illegal boys the Coach told the boys to hit the water. I watched as they all got out of their field suits and started to the edge of the pool."Him, the blonde boy with the cute curls, that's the one I want!"Alex and Phillip looked at the boy I was talking about and started to laugh. "I'll make sure that he stays behind then." Phillip said as he walked over to observe the swimmers doing their warm up laps."You know, you could have picked any one of them but him or his brother. Coach is going to be a bit disappointed that his youngest boy isn't going home with him to get his butt stuffed by his dad!" He cp tgp rompl toplist said with a laugh as he got up to go work with Phillip. I began to think webcam toplist that maybe I had made a mistake by choosing the boy that I had. But then again, Phillip did say I could pick any one I wanted to.As the practice session ended, Phillip was talking to the coach, who looked over at me and smiled. snuff porn toplist Coach Clark walked over to his youngest son and whispered something to the boy, sexy mini skirts toplist who nodded his head enthusiastically, as he wrapped a towel around his waist.Phillip motioned for me to join them, as he and Alex started toward the office for the weigh ins. Once we were inside the office, the boys started chld toplist coming in, one at a time to be weighed. I was adjusting the weights on the scale, while Alex wrote the weights down on charts, and Phillip would occasionally reach out and play x toplist teen with the boys cocks or rub his finger into their cracks. pay tiny toplist After the fifth one, we traded places, with Alex doing the fun part and then again, allowing me to do it to the last ten boys, which included the boy who I had selected. When I took hold of his cock, he immediately got erect and giggled a little. His cock wasn't very big, but he was extremely good looking. Barely five feet tall, he had sandy colored hair and blue eyes which were about the same shade as robin's eggs, and a gorgeous, all over tan. His name was Danny.The weighing done, we headed back out to the pool area where Phillip handed the chart to the Coach. He told Danny that he would be back at 9:00 to pick him up, and to enjoy himself, then left. Five of the russian sex toplist boys from the team, including Danny, stayed to swim as the others all headed for the parking lot to leave. There was a tall seventeen year old boy named Patrick, two fifteen year olds named Roger and Gary, a fourteen year old named William, and toplist angles of course Danny, who was 12.I stripped off my club shirt, shorts, jock and shoes and dived into the warm water, swimming below the surface for about half the length of the pool, then came up in the shallow end. Standing there with my feet spread slightly, I was looking around to see who was doing what, when I felt a pair of hands grab my ass, and a mouth engulf my cock. Looking down, there was Danny, his lower half between my legs, hands firmly holding me by my ass cheeks, sucking away kds tgp toplist at me quickly growing cock. I threw my head back and enjoyed the feelings he was creating in my loins.After a few moments, I pulled Danny to his feet, and moved to the steps at the end of the pool. Patrick had Roger under him on one of the chase chairs that were russian sex toplist set around the pool, and Alex and Phillip were working on the other two boys cp tgp rompl toplist toplist raped lols on one of the picnic tables in the snack bar area. I scooted my but up onto the second step, so that only my ass and lower legs where still in the water, and Danny was standing in front of me, on the third step. I leaned forward and pulled his small cock into my mouth and began to suck like I was starving. He immediately put his hands on my head, adult xxx toplist and began playing with my red curls, which heightened my desire to get all of him into my sucking mouth. I got his four and a half inches into my mouth, along with both of his little balls, swirling them with my tongue, in between sucking deeply on his hard little rod. I grabbed hold of his ass cheeks, pulling him deeper into me, as I spread them apart and began to run my finger along his cleft, occasionally teasing his hole with my fingertip, eliciting deeper moans from the boy.I felt him pulling upward on my head, and raised my face toward his."I'm gonna' cum if you keep that up!" he said.I sat up as he again dropped between my animated 3d incest toplist knees, taking my cock back into his mouth, and swallowing it to the base. I could feel his chin nudging my balls as he tried to get me deeper into his throat, but his access was a little limited by adult xxx toplist the fact that the concrete step prevented me from leaning back further. I pulled him to his feet, taking him by the hand, and led him out of the pool toward the office. Once inside, I gently kogal toplist 3d incest porno toplist lay him on his back on the couch sexy mini skirts toplist and got onto teen nudist toplist 15 my knees between his outstretched legs, then began sucking his sweet little teen nudist toplist 15 cock again. When I felt he was near the edge, I stopped and lay back, pulling him upward as I went, then he swallowed my cock toplist bikini teens down his willing cp tgp rompl toplist toplist russia sex throat. After a few more minutes of him sucking me, I pushed him back onto his back and got into the sixty nine position over top of him, and we both swallowed the other once more. When I again brought him just to the edge of his orgasm, I got up and grabbed the toplist darkcollection jar of suntan oil from Ron's desk, then returned to the couch, and Danny. I raised his legs until his knees were near his head, and webcam toplist began toplist sex girls teens to work the oil into him, along with my finger. When I started to insert the second finger, he put his hand on my arm and stopped me."Don't play around, just fuck me!" he said with urgency in his voice.I quickly coated my cock with the oil and positioned the head at his hole, then pushed. I was surprised at how easily my cock slid into him, and was soon feeling my hips hitting his butt cheeks. He eased his legs downward, hooking his feet behind my head, as he yelled, "Now Fuck Me!"I fucked him slowly at first, feeling his ass muscles contract and release on my on boy toplist cock over and over again, then began to speed chld toplist up as he pushed onto me, urging virtual child porn toplist me on. His ass tunnel felt tight, but at the same time seemed to suck me deeper and deeper in. In spite of the evening air, we were both sweating heavily, and my sweat was dripping onto his chest, mixing with the remnants of pool water dotted his chest and belly here and there in little puddles. I saw his face skew into a grimace and felt him shoot his own cum between us. The first shot hit my chest, then fell back to his own chest as the rest flowed onto his tight little belly.I continued to fuck into him, eliciting moans of pleasure from him, pay tiny toplist as my own climax continued to build, when suddenly, I felt my whole body tremble as I virtual child porn toplist shot blast after blast of my hot cum deep into his guts. I collapsed onto him as both our bodies convulsed until we finally began to breath more normally. As we lay there, my cock still inside Danny`s ass, Alex and russian sex toplist Patrick entered the room. Alex straddled Danny's head and shoved his seven inch cock into the boy's mouth, commanding him to "Suck, and don't stop!" as Patrick slid onto the couch behind me, oiled his cock with the suntan oil, and began to work it into my ass. My cock responded immediately, by becoming fully erect again, as Patrick sank his entire eight inches into my toplist bikini teens hole.He immediately began fucking me, which in turn, forced me to fuck Danny again. I heard Danny moan around the cock that was filling his mouth, as Alex moved in and out like a piston. While this extra session wasn't planned, for toplist teen x my part, it wasn't unwelcome, because cp tgp rompl toplist I loved the feeling of Patrick's cock sliding in and out of me, while my own cock was deep inside of Danny. We fucked in this position for what seemed like an hour, when Patrick suddenly pulled out of me and he and Alex quickly traded places. I could see the cum from earlier in the day dripping from Patrick's cock toplist illegal boys as he shoved it deeply into Danny's mouth and throat, and at the same time, Alex roughly rammed his cock into me. I felt Danny begin to squirm under me, when toplist ls russian he suddenly unloaded his cum between us for the second time. With Alex ramming in and out of my own ass hole, and hitting my prostate on every thrust, I knew it wouldn't take long for me to cum again, but I was determined to hold off for as long as I could.Patrick had his cock all the way to his balls in Danny's throat, pulling up and then dropping back down, barely giving the boy a chance to teen teen toplist breath, but Danny sucked furiously with each teen toplist 100 sex thrust, so I amature girls toplist 100 didn't think he was having any problem with it. Patrick suddenly pulled his cock up until only pay tiny toplist the head was inside Danny's mouth and held himself rigidly over the boy's face, filling his mouth with shot itty clitty toplist after shot of his hot cum, and at almost the same instant, Alex began to fill my ass full of his cum. I let go and filled Danny with my second load, as we all collapsed into a pile.Danny was the first to move as he noticed the time on the clock on the wall. "Oh shit, it's almost 9:00, and my dad will be here any small porn toplist minute to get me!" He knocked the three of us to the floor as he jumped up from the couch and ran out the door to get dressed. Alex, Patrick, and I lay there laughing until I sat up and said, "I guess I had better get going too. It's about a fifteen minute bike ride to my house.""That's cool," said Patrick, "If you think you've got another load in you, I'd like to have you fuck me, and I'll take you home in my truck when we're done."I wasn't sure if I had another load or not, but I was sure going to try awfully hard.Alex got up and headed back out to the pool to help Phillip put things away, as cp tgp rompl toplist Patrick and I kogal toplist lay there talking, while we let our bodies recharge some, then I suggested naturist camp toplist that we go to the clubhouse animated 3d incest toplist and shower first. We headed for the clubhouse, grabbing our things on the way, and went into the main locker room, which was empty. We entered the big open shower and turned on just one teen nudist toplist 15 shower head, then began to rinse ourselves down. When we were done, we sat on one of the benches, dripping, as we talked and fondled one another. Patrick lay back on the bench and pulled his legs up to his chest, as I got down between his cheeks and began to tongue his hole. Patrick moaned loudly, as my tongue darted in and out of his hole. As I glanced upward I noticed his hardening cock and reached up, itty clitty toplist taking it in my hand and stroking it as I worked on that hole with my tongue.I had been working on Patrick's sweet ass hole for a good five minutes, when he started bucking his hips upward, pulling back on his knees at the same time, and I decided it was time to fill that hole with something else besides my tongue. I released his cock, raised up and scooted forward on the bench, lining my cock up with his rosebud and pushed forward. Between my own pre cum and the remnants of the suntan lotion and water from our rinse down I didn't need any additional lube and pushed forward, slipping the head of my cock inside pissing toplist him. He yelped in delight as his ring accepted me then put his heels behind my ass cheeks and pulled me forward, making my cock enter him full length. When my cock bottomed, deep in his bowels, he hissed through his teeth, "Yessssss!"I began to move in and out slowly, feeling his ass muscles flex around my cock on each in stroke, and relax on the out strokes. He was massaging his cock in time with my strokes, pulling all the way to the base as I slid into him, and then all the way to the head as I slid back. The look on his face was pure bliss and he moaned loudly as he used his feet and legs in an attempt to pull me further into him on each inward stroke.We must have fucked slowly like that for a good ten minutes, when I began to feel that familiar tingle in my balls. kogal toplist I knew that it wasn't going to take long before I would be filling him with my cum, and I could tell that he was getting close too, because his teen toplist 100 sex balls had drawn up tight against the base of his hard cock as well.Suddenly, we heard a loud crashing noise as two young black men entered the room pushing a cleaning cart and a big heavy mop bucket, stopping and staring at the action taking place on the bench.Patrick df toplist cp and I both froze in position, our formerly hard d f toplist nubile and ready to fire cocks suddenly deflated completely."What the fuck are you two up to in here? Don't you know that the club is closed?""Uh, I.. We.." I stammered, not really able to find the words to explain.The bigger of the two looked at his companion, "We done caught these video teen toplist two doing the nasty! What you think, Walter, should we call the police, or Mr. Hall first?""I don't know, Raymond, maybe we should join in, get our nut, and then call the boss and the police! Let these boys find out what a real dick feels like!" the second said, smiling as he grabbed his crotch.I had never seen a black guy this close, let alone see what his cock looked like. Would it be a whole lot different than a white guy's ? Would it feel different on my tongue, or in my ass? And would their cum look or ukraine nude toplist taste different? My head was spinning with all the questions that suddenly flooded my mind, and the idea of getting to see, touch, suck or be fucked by a black cock suddenly excited me.The two were about nineteen. Raymond was very well built, with strong looking arms that seemed to bulge from the sleeves of his very tight, white t-shirt. His chest was broad and tapered down to a narrow waist that disappeared into his white trousers, which were bulging out at the front. Walter was a little smaller, not as much definition to his muscles, but they were there none the less. His bulge looked almost as big as Raymond's. I was mesmerized by their apparent strength, as well as the outlines of their cocks in their pants.I lived in a very segregated town. There weren't any black people living in my town at all, and only a few that I knew kid nude toplist of that worked there, and most of them worked for the railroad, so to see two of them, this close, with the prospect of seeing all of them, was a little df toplist cp frightening, as well as exciting. Raymond was first toplist russia sex to make any move. He walked over to the bench, taking Patrick's cock in one hand, and mine in the other, and gave them a good squeeze, then turned them loose. He then rubbed his hand over Patrick's ass cheek, sticking his finger into his hole, then withdrawing it and moved the hand to my ass, repeating his actions."Well well, Walter, the big boy here is open up pretty good, but the little redhead is a little tight! Why don't you see what you can do with the big one, cause I'm gonna' work my big fat cock into this tight little guy's hole."They both began removing their clothes and tossing them into a heap on the floor. As the two magnificent cocks came into view, I gulped audibly. Walter had a good nine inches of cock, dark brown in color, with the foreskin still attached. His balls looked bigger than hen's eggs as they hung low beneath his monster of a cock. Raymond, on the other hand, was a much lighter color which I compared in my mind to milk chocolate. His cock stood out longer than Walter's by about an inch, but wasn't as big around. The bare head looked dark purple, and he was already leaking pre cum. He picked up a jar from the cart as he moved over to the bench toplist angles where we were, removing the lid from the jar. He put his huge arm around my waist and slid me down the length of the bench to the end then pushed me forward so that I was laying on my stomach, then began to work whatever was in the jar into my hole and onto his cock. legal cp toplist He slid the jar across the floor to Walter, who picked it up and did the same thing to Patrick.I heard Patrick let out a loud squeel as Walter entered him in one motion, and was anticipating much of the same as Raymond penetrated me, but to my surprise, he entered slowly, backing off every couple of inches and then pushing in a little further each time. When I felt his wiry pubes against my ass cheeks, I looked back to see him smiling."You been fucked before, ain't you webcam toplist boy?"I nodded teen russia photos toplist my head as he began to withdraw the length and teen photos russian toplist stop short of pulling all the way out. As he slid back in, I threw my head backwards and moaned loudly, the pleasure coursing through my body!I wanted to watch Walter fucking Patrick, but the intensity of the fuck that I topliste nudisten was receiving was holding my focus. Raymond was like an animal, fucking long and fast into and out of my hot throbbing hole. I lost track of time, and was hoping that it would stand still so that the fuck could just go on and on.Raymond put his hands up under my chest and lifted me straight up off the bench as teensex photos toplist he toplists teen leaned slightly backward, then turned me around, without removing his cock, so that we were face to face as he lowered me back down onto the bench. He began to pinch and twist my nipples as he continued to drive in and out of my ass, pushing up with his legs to give him more force on the inward strokes. The moans and groans that I was hearing from Patrick and Walter were fueling my own passion as I began to feel like I was floating."Walter, don't you cum in that boy, I want both of you to come over toplist sex girls teens here and cum tpg toplist pic on this boy, he's so tight, and hot!"With that, I saw Walter and Patrick standing over me, both pounding their hard cocks over me. Raymond was fucking me fast and hard now, and I could smell the pure sex in the air, the whole room was filled with it! The heady aroma was making my head spin faster, adding to the state of euphoria that I was already feeling. Raymond made one final lunge forward, then pulled out of me quickly as he started firing great long ropes of white hot cum 3d incest porno toplist out onto me, the first hitting my face, just above my eyes. Walter and Patrick began shooting their cum as the third shot from Raymond hit my mouth. My own cock began shooting my load all over my stomach, until I was covered in cum from my face to my cock. Raymond looked down at me, smiling, as he said, "You look a mess boy, we need to get maxwells angels toplist you cleaned up and get you boys out of here!"He looked at Walter and Patrick and said, "We messed him up, boys, let's clean him up now!"The three of them got down on their knees and began licking the combined cum from my body, until there wasn't any left to lick off. Raymond sucked my cock into his mouth, cleaning toplist ls russian the last few remnants from it as well, then helped me up from the bench. He got a jug of liquid hand soap from his cart, and we all went into the shower to clean up.We soaped each other down , toplist russia sex then rinsed completely, and went back out to the locker area where we dried ourselves and dressed.When Raymond saw x toplist teen my uniform, he teen nudist toplist 15 whistled and said, "I bet you're the one they all talking about, they towel boy!"I smiled sheepishly."No damn wonder you didn't have no trouble taking my big ole cock. I hear you took big Mike and made it look easy! Walter! This here is a real celebrity, he's the one took the biggest cock in the club!"I didn't know how they knew about me taking toplist bikini teens Mike's cock up my ass, but the fact that they knew, plus the fact that they thought it somehow made me special, made me feel really strange, as I felt myself blushing bright red.Raymond and Walter went back to work, and Patrick and dark porn toplist I went out to the parking lot, where we loaded my bike into his pickup and left.I couldn't tell a whole lot of difference in the feel of a black cock compared to a white one, but I liked the way Raymond fucked, the only difference I could see was the way his pubic hair was. Did I expect it to smell like chocolate, or did I think his cum would be the same color as he was? I honestly don't know what I really expected, but I found out it was just like any other cock that I had ever seen, except the size, and color. I knew that I would probably never have cartoons toplist the opportunity to find out again, because Raymond and Walter both worked at night, and I worked in the daytime. I couldn't wait to see what Saturday held in store for me!
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